Thursday, 26 November 2009

Puli, Makes You Fully In Style

Puli has a deceptive look, it sometimes more looks like a mop than a dog. It also resembles dreadlocks hair of the Rastafarians, and I've been knocked out by Budweiser advert that cleverly snatches up Puli's dreadlocks similarity into a hilarious advert.

The Puli is highly intelligent; it understands almost anything and will try to verbalise responses almost as speech. A well trained Puli will not only understand the words and signs of its owner, the dog is able to see and determine the wants of its owner into an order and will absolutely carry it out. The Puli is an agile, energetic, intense and never lazy breed. It is also brave, and not afraid of anything. It is truly a superdog in its own respect -source: wiki
A well trained Puli is also able to turn itself into a cutting-edge wig, and no, Puli cannot be interchangeable with a mop ok!.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

How Powerful is Your Prayer?

Probably a month old gossip already, but this kind of news is always worth featuring. Last month I read a very unusual news that sounds too good to be true, but it indeed happened. A story about a bank robber with a loaded gun who ended up praying with his victim after she -the victim- beg him not to shoot her.

Astonishingly he comforted her, and she talked about God and her words bring him to his knees. The robber, Gregory Smith, begins to pray. He's also crying saying he's unemployed, desperate and trying to support his family. She then comforted him. He then removed the bullets from his gun and handed them to her.
He did steal her mobile phone and a twenty dollar bill, but he turned himself in after her Mother saw his image on the television. How wonderful, I hope he's really changed into a good person for good.
Bizarre and touching, but how powerful is your prayer?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Machismo Designs

Naughty sun, naughty design or naughty designer? :-D

Suddenly I remember a kinky design of one of high-rise buildings in my city, the top side of its facade really resembles man's underwear. Rumor has it that the facade was intended to be designed like that because the minister back then who had the authority of provisioning the building is gay. Yet it's not the only one in my city which connotes male's organ. The Indonesia National Monument, Monas, is allegedly and jokingly said as the last erection of our first President, because of its shape.

Photo source: unknown

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Brasilian Wax Talk

The controversy bikini wax banning in New Jersey may have been over and resulted in the dropping of the ban. Amidst the pro and contra of it, surely anyone who decides to go on the experience has to really prepare oneself mentally and physically.

Watching the video below might help you to at least measure the ouch level of the deed, and how you can anticipate it if you are going to try it out. If you want to have it done by the professional, just remember to first check out the reputation of the salon.

1. Must be avoided by people with poorly controlled diabetes, people who have varicose veins or poor circulation, and those with weakened immune system
2. Not recommended for those who take Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Isotretinoin
3. Do not apply it to infected area or sunburned-skin
Most importantly, do not do it for the sake of other's satisfaction or fashion. No one can make sure that horror thing like in the article Botched Brazilian waxing puts woman in hospital will never strike. Ouch!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How Do you Like my Style?

Photo by
Pink Sherbet Photography

So this is my choice, the template that I 'bought for free' from
Bought for free because I was lucky enough to be one of 2500 PSBTuts readers who received $10 to spend on

So far I only changed the header image, because the original one is too game-like layout. This header image that this blog uses now is the creation of Jimmy R. It's one of the header images featured in Blog Headers For Free Download.

I think this substitute header image fits this blog design perfectly and makes this blog look fab ;)

Noun: style
1. A particular kind (as to appearance)
2. Distinctive and stylish elegance
3. How something is done and how it happens


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